Hello, and welcome to the Veggie Magnifique survey. Thanks so much for taking part - it won't take long, and hopefully will be fun, too!
Are you vegan?

What would you hope to gain from being vegan? Or, if you're already vegan, what did you hope to gain?

What are some of your health challenges/concerns?

What is the biggest obstacle you face in going/being vegan?

What would be a 'dream' product or service that would really improve your health or your quality of life?

What is your age range?

What city/town do you live in?

How interested would you be in a service that involved in-person meetings with Ann & Chloe? (In Paris, for the time being!)

How interested would you be in Facebook live events with Ann & Chloe?

How interested would you be in a Veggie Magnifique ten-day detox programme?

Are you more interested in digital products or actual products?

How interested are you in vegan and/or natural parenting and childcare products and information?

How interested would you be in buying a “going vegan” workbook?

How interested would you be in joining Ann & Chloe for a webinar?

What do you think of the Magnifique Yoga Breaks on Veggie Magnifique/YouTube?

Which kind of content do you prefer on VM?

How often do you visit the blog?

What is your favourite social media platform on which to engage with us?

What is your morning routine?

Do you think you could benefit from improving your morning routine?

Would you pay for a product that helps you to optimise your morning routine?

Many thanks! We really appreciate the time you've taken to give us your feedback. We'll be taking your preferences into account as we move forward and create more Veggie Magnifique content and products - very exciting!
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